Chicago 2006



We went to Chicago, because Bob saw a TV show that was on hotdogs. They said that the best hotdog was Superdawg. So we called Ben in Tulsa and we took off for the best hotdog. It took us several busses to get there, but YES it was a really GOOD hotdog.

Superdawg 6363 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60646
(773) 763-0660


We lived in Chicago for several years, we enjoyed some of our old stomping grounds and we ate at the "DINER" on Irving park where we lived next door to. It's still the same.

Diner Grill
1635 W. Irving Park Rd., Chicago
Tel: (773) 248-2030
The 24-hour railroad car diner is a thriving post-bar mecca. The house specialty, a $7 concoction called The Slinger, features hash browns, a couple of cheeseburger patties, grilled onions, and a few eggs with chili poured over the top. Expect nice 'n thick shakes and nifty old portable jukeboxes on the counter.

Some restaurants that we enjoyed were gone, but we did find plenty to eat.

We stayed at:
''The Heart Of Lincoln Park''
424 W. Diversey Pkwy
Furnished rooms, with cable
TV access, private baths.
Maid service, 24 hour desk,
laundry , wireless internet
Excellent transportation.
Close to shopping/restaurants.
Weekly & monthly rates.

We went to see Blue Man Group Again. It was the first time for Ben and he really loved it.