Supermarket Strategies

  • Impulse buying can drain dollars from your food budget, and if you buy on impulse too often, you may end up buying unbalanced meals or food that's more appealing than useful in your menus.

  • Coupons save money when they're used for foods you usually buy, and they add variety to meals when they introduce you to new foods.

  • Know your supermarket and its regular prices. Not all advertised food are specials.

  • Prepare a shopping list based on a weekly menu. Begin by checking supplies you already have, since you may find something in the refrigerator or cupboard that needs only one or two ingredients to make another complete meal.

  • Never shop for food when you're hungry, and don't spend much time looking at items not on your list.

  • Ingredients labels give the ingredients in a product in descending order - the greatest amount listed first. You will not find, however, how much of each ingredient is included.

  • You are doing the store a favor by shopping there; most managers want to keep their customers satisfied. If you cannotg find a product, ask the store manager to stock it.
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