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Kathi Chesnut

God has given me the wisdom to travel thru my life!

a Beagle

We were living 2 miles north of Drummond on the highway. 2 coyote hunting trail hounds came to our house. We locked them in the chicken house and called the number on the collars. They coyote hunter was so glad to have them back, that he gave us a little beagle and we named her Penny

We had several dogs while I was growing up, boarder collies, boxers and just dogs people dumped off. Living on the highway was a great tragedy for most of our dogs.

Penny was different, she was kept in the house. BUT someone stole her.

Mom's father, my grandfather was in the hospital. He was very ill and mom had been to visit him. When she left the hospital she was driving down Broadway just about to get to Van Buren and there was Penny on the corner. My grandfather died just after mom had left the hospital.

  • IF she had been a few minutes longer, she would have been with her father when he passed.
  • If she had been a few minutes longer, she wouldn't have found Penny.
It's funny how life works.

Penny lived a very long life. Although she had gotten sick and mom and taken her to the Vet. We had company and the phone rang, it was the Vet to tell mom that Penny had died. I can still see my mom on the phone (which hung on the wall), she told everybody in the room "Just a minute, my dog has just died". It was so sweet.

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