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Kathi Chesnut

God has given me the wisdom to travel thru my life!

a black toy poodle

When I graduated from the 8th grade I wanted a cat, but my mother wouldn't let me have a cat.

Her very best friend from Shriners Ladies, Cookie Cook, just had a litter of poodle puppies and she said I could have one of them.

He was my dog, slept with me and when I would be gone she would whine all night. He was my pal

When I got married, he didn't like my husband. We lived in an apartment so I couldn't take him with me. Then Bengi was born and we moved to Ranch Acres. Mom come over the very first time with my Bobo. Things were going great and then one night Bill drove into the driveway and hit Bobo. He got out of the truck and tried to pick him up and he bite thru his boot. I walked out and Bill told me to stay back, of course, I that didn't stop me, so I picked him up and we took him to the vet. He had a broken pelvis. He had a hard time walking for a while.

He finally passed, and I was so sad.

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