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Jessica 1 years old

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Jessica 13 years old

1st Day of 1st Grade
This is Jessi's second year in the Junior High Building. So of course this year we are a little smarter than those incoming 6th graders. She was voted class Treasurer yesterday. Yeah Jessi! She also had her first Jr. High Softball game. There were a total of 23 girls that went out for the team. Apparantly they were told if they wanted to play basketball they had to either play softball or run track. I'm guessing the track team will be a little slim on members this year. Jessi played the second game on first base. She caught a line drive for an out and got a great hit. They lost by 2 runs but so did the 8th grade team. That is sort of how he divided it up. The eighth grade played the first game in the double header and the 7th graders played the second.

The other downer for Jessi is that they are supposed to be building a new grade school. They cleared the other building out but haven't done anything yet. So the 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades are in the Junior High Building. So now she has her brothers hanging around in the same building.

little jessica

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