Great-great-great-great Grandfather of Samuel Thomas Allen


Isaac LaRue Sr. is the
Great-great-great-great Grandfather
of Samuel Thomas Allen (1861 - 1943)

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ISAAC, the father of the branch of the LaRue family which is traced in this book, and who is designated as Isaac LaRue, Senior, was born in Hunterden (new Mercer) County, New Jersey, in the year 1712. As we have seen in a preceding chapter, he was a son of Peter LaRue (or Lareu, as he signed his name to his will) and of his wife, whose maiden name was possibly Cresson. The time of the birth of Isaac LaRue, Sr., is fixed by an entry in the old family Bible recording the birth of his son, James LaRue (IX.) which, according to Mrs. Emily C. Ellis, and confirmed by descendants now in Virginia, states that James was "the fifth son and was born in the 50th year of his father, the 47th year of his mother, October the 4th, 1762". Again, Mrs. Ellis says: "I have seen a letter written by Isaac LaRue, born 1712, the Emigrant from New Jersey to Virginia, in which he states to a grandson to whom he is writing that his father was Peter LaRue, son of Abraham, who married a second wife after Peter was born. This letter in 1900 was in the possession of John J. LaRue, a local descendant of the writer, who then resided in Rippon, Jefferson Co., W. VA."

Complete Story of Isaac LaRue, Sr.


The children of Isaac LaRue, Sr., and Phebe Carman, his wife, were ten-

 Children of Isaac LaRue, Sr. 
I.Jacob LaRue(1744 - 1821)
II.John LaRue (1746 - 1792)
III.Isaac LaRue 
IV.Elizabethmarried Peter LaRue
V.Mary LaRue Carman(later Harris)
VI.Sara LaRue Hodgen (1755 - 1825)
VIIRebecca LaRue Helm 
VIIISamuel LaRue 
IX.James LaRue(1762 - 1809)
X.Jabez LaRue (1768 - 1823)


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