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  • Kathi Chesnut

    God has given me the wisdom to travel thru my life!

    Chuck Holston

    Chuck Holston

    This is the facts about CHUCK HOLSTON.
    This is the Truth trying to find the answers.

    They say you should forgive but that is a long road, wanting to know why. What did I do that was so terrible? Why was me and my brother left out of so much of our inheritance? I hope that telling the truth and will help just one person, one family that they are not alone with this grief that it has caused this family.

    My father passed 2011. It was so bitter sweet. He left my mother with a very limited amount of money to live out the rest of her life.

    It says to forgive. I believe that I have not grieved for my father. I am so hurt, disappointed with the one man in the world that I trusted and thought that the man that raised me would do such a selfish thing.

    Let me start from the beginning of the life of Jay Chesnut
    My father’s mother died when he was born. His father was not around and we have no real history on James Chesnut. He was raised by his mother’s 4 sisters and his grandfather. He slept on the front porch. He didn’t finish high school, him and his friend Eldon Rikli went to Mexico. Lulu Allen was the biggest influence in my father’s life. She helped him purchase land.

    My father was in the Air Force in World War II. He was an excellent father and provider. He studied to be an Electrician. He worked all week and farmed on weekends to provide for his family. My mother never had to work, but had several jobs that she enjoyed. My brother and I both helped with the farming from a very young age. I loved being with my father. He provided us with a very awesome childhood. It was like we were the richest in the town of Drummond, never needed or went hungry. Jay Chesnut was very well like in several organizations. Mason, Shriners, and Eastern Star. Tim and I both went to college. We both married and gave our parents 15 grandchildren. He always said that his family was the most important thing in his life. Was that all he had to do? I know that there will be several opposing opinion’s to that statement, but in the end of his life to treat his wife and children the way that he did is just so un-explainable and I am looking for answers.

    Jay Chesnut’s life was full of adventure. He raced horses, off shore drilling in the Brownsville TX area in the gulf with Phillips petroleum. Jay and my mother had a condo in Phoenix, Arizona in which they spent the winters. Jay also had apartments in Nebraska, at the Aksarben Race Trace, Eureka Springs, Arkansas. During this time is when he meet up with Chuck Holston. Chuck Holston started driving my dad around. Chuck Holston would also drive my parents to Phoenix Arizona.

    On several occasions he drove my parents to my home. Chuck Holston was always with my father.

    Then father started letting Chuck Holston help with the farms. They started running cattle, sitting up a company. My father connected with this man somehow and for some reason.

    Then along about 2009 my father, Chuck Holston and Attorney Roger Ediger did an "Arms Length Transaction" which is really a very shady deal, I am told. All land and Oil royalties were given to Chuck and Ella Holston. The land was handed over immediately and the oil royalties went to mom until her death.

    Didn't take Chuck Holston very long after my mother's death to scarf up those royalties as well.

    Chuck Holston

    Chuck Holston

    This is his family. Wife and 2 daughters in which dad help or maybe put thru college. Dad promised my grandkids a college education also but not even one got any college money.

    Chuck Holston

    Chuck Holston

    Chuck Holston

    Is Chuck Holston a Catfish? Did Chuck Holston scam my father? All I know is that all of my brother and my inheritance is gone and Chuck Holston is living the easy life.
    Did Jay Chesnut have money in his life time or just great opportunities? I can’t answer that question either. You can read his legacy in pages that he wrote…

    This is my story and you can read My Dad's Story

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