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Kathi Chesnut

God has given me the wisdom to travel thru my life!

Jay Chesnut

This is a story about my father. Your father is your first love, your first boyfriend, your man role model. I looked up to him all my life, to be torn, devastated, disappointed and never to think of him again in any of these roles.

At times it was "WHAT DID I DO?". I will never know the answer to that question

He wrote a book about his life, his land, his oil wells, his horses, people in his life. Read it if you want, but this is written in his own hand and it's the truth as my dad knew it. I am not putting this out there to offend anyone, this is just me trying to figure out what happened that I was not included what was rightfully mine and my brothers, not to some stranger that worked his way into the eyes of my father.

My Dad's Story
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