Shopping for Sarees
India February 2009


We went to AsoPalav, Silk India, to try on sarees for the wedding. What a great time we had. So many sarees, so little time. It was a hard descision to pick just the right one. But somehow we all finally decided on a saree.

After purchasing our sarees. We had to find a tailor to sew up the Choli. The first tailor on the corner of 123 Ring Road and Satelite road, under the fly-over, told us it would be 7 days. Two girls sitting on the bench said "It is wedding season and that we could not have them ready by tomorrow." That was not an acceptable answer! Allyson had 2 Choli's done in 1 hour, so we knew that it wouldn't take that long, if we could just find the right tailor.

Devanshi Devanshi
Draping Allyson's saree
So I got on the phone to call Devanshi. She is the woman that is teaching Bob Gujarat. She said that her sister next door is a tailor. So we were about 4 (US) blocks from her bungalow.
Shweta and Amishi Shweta and Amishi
A La MODE is their shop,
is draping Kristen's saree
a little room built out by the bungalow, right behind Devanshi's bungalow. What a stroke of luck that was! The five of us walked into the shop and with a little sweet talking they will have our tops completed by 2:00 pm tomorrow. They will also help us put them on and drape them right before the wedding. Devanshi was a life saver for us on this day.

Then next was the earrings, bangles, bendis, and necklaces. Devanshi told us of a shop just around the corner. So off we went. Then Allyson, Pricilla and Kristen went on to buy shoes. I had to head home so I left for dinner at a very good friend and then another wedding party after that

Indian style saree, in India, majority of women wear sari. The sari is a long piece of cloth about a meter wide and 5 to 51/2meters long. The sari is draped over a long skirt. A tight fitting blouse known as choli is worn on the upper part of the body.

Saris of different designs and materials are available in a variety of colours. It is made out of cotton, silk and other synthetic materials. The cost of the saris varies according to the quality. The outer end of the sari or Pallu is most attractive especially on silk saris.

Allyson Allyson Allyson
Emily Emily Emily
Kathi Kathi Kathi
Kristen Kristen Kristen
Pricilla Pricilla Pricilla

Girls, the pictures are not great, but we had such a good time and that's all that really matters! Thanks for going with me and making it a day that I will never forget!

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Completed Sarees
We have been draped and are ready for the wedding

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