Salan and Janki's Wedding India February 2009

Salan and Janki Salan
Feb. 14th, 2009
veil When Janki is presented
a veil is raised to
cover Salan
The ceremony takes
1 1/2 hours
It started at 1:00 pm

A married couple from the brides family has to be at their side. The couple is Janki's brother and his wife. After the wedding the couple goes to the parents of Salan. Salan's mother places a gold pot full of rice at the door. She gently pushes with her toe and spills the rice. Then she places red on the floor to make it auspecious.

After the bride and groom enter they play games, they didn't explain the games, (something like wrestling). The winner of the games is declared head of the household.

The outdoor wedding was so very beautiful. Like a fairy tale. We then returned for the reception at 7:30. That is where you present the bride and groom with your offering. Usually 500 rupees.

India Weddings February 2009