Ahmedabad, India
Sept 15th thru Oct 1st


Hi from India. Flights were all on time and I was put in business class. Each time I could board at my leisure and had a private door to board. I was on the last row (nobody behind me) just next to bathroom. Three seats and there was two of us, so we shared the middle seat.

Then I got to Ahmedabad. Customs asked me where I was staying in India. NOT A CLUE. So I phoned Chirag and I had him tell the Customs lady. Then I knew that my suitcase would not be there. The OKC ticket agent, tagged my suitcase just to Mumbai, and not on to Amedabad. I knew that I should have checked baggage in Mumbai. (Hind site is always right). But, I hoped.

So NO suitcase. Called and they said it would take 48 hours. But Chirag came this morning and said we have to go to the airport to pick it up today at 4:00 pm. YA! It has been OK, because I slept most of the day, yesterday.

People here are very poor, but they still beat most of the Americans in caring. Like Bob was saying this morning. If Amish or Chirag would have come to the United States, there is no way that we could have done all that they have done for us. The phlebotomists charged us $1000 rupies that $25.00 to come over at 10:30 PM.

The Air India was going to pay me for the trouble to get back to the airport to get my suitcase. I kept telling them NO, it was not their fault. It was that ticket agent in America. She kept asking if I understood what she was saying. I said yes, that she wanted to pay me for my expenses to return to the airport, I just kept saying how glad I was just to get my suitcase back, I didn't want to file a claim.

Anyway, I am just waiting on Bob to get better so that we can enjoy our time here in India. He has so much to show me. Like Malaria, Thypoid and urinary infrection, So Sorry. That just seemed funny, it wont be if I get sick. I am not going to get sick, I am going to be very careful.

It's time to santize.


We took a ricshaw ride to store to pick up some drinks and cookies. What an adventure. But Bob shouldn't have went. It reallly wore him out. He has 10 injections to take. 5 left. Guess who is giving them to him!

He is getting better. We canceled our Taj Mahal trip today. He just can't make it. He has just got to get feeling better. They just now came and took a blood and urine sample. So we will see what that says.

All I have seen is a camel, goats, dogs, hotel room and office. We have ate at the hotel, which is probably a good thing.


I seem to be doing alot of sleeping. Bob is getting stronger every day. Three more injections. Blood test came back all OK. he is free of any viruses. He is just still week. He is eating better as well and still making me laugh. We ventrue out and about in the ricshaws. It is undecrible. You can not imagine. So many places to shop. So many little things along the road to buy. People EVERYWHERE. It costs us about $2.00 to go to the video store last night to rent a movie.

Amish said that if we eat hot food. Cooked hot food we should be all right. I am drank nothing but bottled mineral water and diet Cokes. And I am really anil about my mosquite spray. I smell like DEET all the time. I actually have not seen any mosquitoes at all.

Then there is the Prell and my santizing wipes. I am cleaning my hands constantly and not touching anything, rails door handles, etc. Everybody here is so nice. They do look at us a little funny, because there are hardly any Americans here.

It is perfectly fine to take the pickup. It probably needs to be driven. There is the handicap sticker in there if he wants to use it.

You wouldn't think it would take to much work for a birthday party, but it's his first and it all takes planning. It will be a wonderful party. I can't wait. I wish that I could bring him an elephant.

We are going to go to the store and get some stuff. All is well here and we are enjoying each others company so much. I am so glad that I have got to experience this. Again, It is beyond anything that you can imagine.


We walked to next hotel and had a buffet breakfast. Then to star bazaar, a big grocery store, it has a flat escalator for your grocery carts. Then we just had fun traveling around the city in a ricshaw. It's old and the people are extremely poor.

I went shopping while Bob got his hair cut this morningcost him $1.25 USD. I spent 620.00 Ruppies which comes to $15.50 USD. I got all the girls some bracelets, 3 granddaughters ankle bracelets and me a keychain. They are all different stones and gold (probably not REAL gold).

I have had pretty good time with the eating. Yesterday's lunch was a little HOT, but I managed. Amish told me just to eat foods that have been heated and I shouldn't have a problem with any of the sickness that Bob has had.

I am so very glad that I came. It is a life experience that you just have to see to believe. It really makes you so proud to be an American, and have the things that we have.

I know that it is hard to be a positive parent. And you will watch each of your friends, and then you just have to follow your heart. You will not do anything wrong, something you will wish you would have done different. He is already the sweetest little boy, and you are doing a great job at being a mother. Kids need and thrive on routines. They love the structure in their lives. It makes them feel secure and loved.


We went to IMAX yesterday (Sunday). We are off to the Taj Mahal tomorrow. We are going to fly to Delhi and then a car (with an English speaking driver) will pick us up and drive another 3 hours to Agra where the Taj Mahal is. We are getting a room in Agra so if Bob gets really tired we can go and rest. Did I mention that it is really HOT here. It's bearable, the sun hasn't been out and we haven't been going out much in the middle of the day, then Chirag's car is air conditioned. The rickshaws are just open so they create a breeze.

tiny Taj Mahal
We always thought that the Taj Mahal was larger.

Saw my first elephant just walking down the street with all the cars and cycles this morning, and guess what no camera. Saw monkeys yesterday and no camera. Not doing very well on the pictures. There are alot of camel's pulling wagons. So many people, the women are all dressed in their sarris. Women are working in them and riding motor cycles in them. Cows, Bulls, Water buffalo, goats just roam the streets. Just so much to take in and see.

The food is really good. Chirag, Deepa and son Schlok took us to a really nice hotel yesterday to eat. We have tried to eat only in 5 star hotels. The whole meal was $35 for all 5 of us and we ate alot. Someone told me if you eat hot cooked food, it kills any bacteria, so I have tried to stick to that theory, and only BOTTLED drinks. If I don't open them myself, I don't drink them. I carry Prell sanitizer with me and I am constantlly using it. I spray everything with deet bug spray before I go out. I will probably get sick of to much deet. I think maybe I am a little overboard on being cautious, but I don't want to be sick like Bob was.

I can not wait to see my grandbabies, and give them all GREAT BIG hugs and kisses. You don't know how lucky our children are. These India kids have dirt to play with. Most running around naked. I am an attraction to them, I don't think that they have seen many white women in their city. When we stop they all crowd around me and want to shake my hand, and stare. The biggest saddest eyes. They get so excited and even more excited when you take their pictures. They all want to look at their picture in the camera. Then an adult will yell at them and they scatter like roaches. Out in the country around Ahmedbad, I have heard that they kill the girl babies (You can't bring them all home!).

We are going to go to the mall. They have a brand new mall. The floors (like the floors in our hotel room and most of the nice places we go to) are marble and shinny like glass. You can litterly see yourself in them. They get down on their hands and knees and clean them, constantly. It is a very modern mall, but none of the stores are the kind we know. It's just a strange world here. I am just in awe of everything I see and do.


We are back in Ahemdabad.

Wow what a side trip. We could only fly to Delhi. It took 1 1/2 hours to fly to Delhi. Then we hired a driver that drove us to Agra. It took us 6 hours. It wasn't the distance, it's like here to Dallas. But the traffic. Horse drawn carriages, 6 camel's pulling HUGH carts. 2 Monkey's on the back of a bicycle. It like a bad movie. After we got out of Delhi, it was like Dallas, you just go from village to village and no country. Then the country people walking down the sides of the road (where are they going?), 10 people in every field, little boys herding cattle, women in full sarees herding goats, and then another village that you just almost have to stop and go so slow thru because of so many people, everywhere. Trucks broke down, Trucks with 55 people on top of them, cars stopping to go to the bathroom along side the road. So much to see everywhere. What an adventure.

So we asked why don't they put in an airport in Agra. "The vibrations might crack the Taj Mahal" Good answer.

Arriving at the Taj Mahil you can not park very close, so you can walk or ride a camel up to the gate, We decided to do the camel ride. Not as much fun as it looks. Then it was just breath taking, because it was BEAUTIFUL. The biggest monument every built for a King's wife. She is buried in the center, he is at the side. The inlay marble, exquisite! All done by hand. Pictures just don't do anything to experience the touch and sight of the marble.


We are on our way home.